Current Work

We provide both early-stage development funds and donations that are mission aligned with our objectives. We also partner and co-donate with other social impact investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and donors who share our goals.


We know that what gets measured gets valued.

When measuring our social impact through the work we invest in we analyze demographic groups of beneficiaries defined by; how many jobs created, young people trained, patients treated, companies formed, employees hired and medical advancements achieved.


Fulbright US-UK Foundation

The Fulbright Program was the idea of Senator J. William Fulbright, whose vision was of a peaceful and prosperous world. His chosen vehicle was a competitive global academic exchange program.


Oxford Internet Institute

The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) is the world's leading center for research, teaching and policy ideas on information, technology, and digital media. They are tackling society's big questions about how new technologies transform our politics, economics, and culture.



The development of world-class talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is essential to the economic success of any nation. The Althea Foundation and Imperial College London understand that promoting a diverse scientific community is necessary to realize this objective.


International Tourism Partnership

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP), a program of the UK-based charity, Business in the Community, brings together the world’s leading international hotel companies to lead and promote environmental and socially responsible business practices in the hospitality industry.



Autistica is Europe’s leading independent funder of autism research, focused on creating long, happy, healthy lives for everyone on the autism spectrum through the power of cutting-edge science.


UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

As medicine has become increasingly compartmentalized, medical treatment has lost touch with caring for each of us as a whole person. The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, offers a holistic approach to health, healing, and prevention.



Founders4Schools is a multi-award winning Gov-Tech charity operating in the educational sector. It is dedicated to improving the life chances and employability of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing technologies that enable individuals, partner charities and communities to connect youths to the leaders of successful, growing businesses across the corporate, creative and social enterprise parts of the job market.