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Since 2003, The Althea Foundation has used a venture model to provide financial and non-financial support to people, ideas and initiatives that demonstrate ingenuity, social impact and social entrepreneurship. We address social challenges that have been underfunded, such as gender equity in entrepreneurship and STEM, rare disease, mental health treatment and education. We partner with investors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists who use technology to scale and enhance social impact. Our work is focused in the US & UK.


Current Work

We fund new initiatives and established organizations we believe could benefit from additional financial help to ensure their continued success and impact. We serve not only as a provider of capital but also a valued business partner.


Past Work

We fund people, ideas and initiatives that inspire us with their ingenuity, humanity and social impact.


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve not only as a service provider of capital, but also as a valued business partner.


Featured Story


Imperial alumnus receives prestigious scholarship to research in United States

July 22, 2019

Imperial College London

By Joanna Wilson


Amin Karamlou, a recent graduate from the Department of Computing has received the Fulbright Elsevier Data Analytics Award to enable him to research at the University of Texas at Austin on one of the most well-regarded and impactful scholarship programs in the world. As a participant, Amin has been selected to research open problems in theoretical computer science. One of his goals during the visit is to work on the area of quantum complexity theory, with hopes of identifying problems that quantum computers can solve more efficiently than the classical computers we use today…

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