Past Work

To date, we have helped visionary people and institutions realize their ambition of creating, or sustaining, organizations that have impacted the economic, social and environmental health of their communities and our world.


We know that what gets measured, gets valued.

When measuring our social impact through the work we invest in we analyze demographic groups of beneficiaries defined by; how many jobs created, young people trained, patients treated, companies formed, employees hired and medical advancements achieved.


Youth Career Initiative (YCI)

Through its partnership model, The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) have galvanized some of the world's largest and most reputable hotel companies to offer training and employment to vulnerable young people.


Friends of George Peabody Foundation

Over 150 years ago, wealthy American philanthropist and financier George Peabody founded Peabody, a London housing provider. His vision, the relief of hardship and distress amongst the hardworking poor of London, continues through its mission to build thriving and vibrant communities, not just homes.



Astia is a curated, global community of experts committed to the success of women-led, high-growth startups in areas such as healthcare, finance and information technology. The non-profit organization has a distinct focus and mission: to propel women's participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses.


Youth Business America

The Althea Foundation was the founding donor and investor of Youth Business America, Inc. (YBA), a hybrid micro-finance venture fund with a banking license.


International Business Leaders Forum

The International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) was a global organization of multinational companies that worked with CEO and board-level executives, government and civil society in more than 90 countries.


UCSF Young Adult and Family Center

The University of California, San Francisco's Young Adult and Family Center (YAFC) is among the first academically-based psychiatry programs in the United States dedicated to advancing the understanding and care of transitional aged youth (aged 16–24).


Autism Speaks

The Althea Foundation funds research through the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, and The National Alliance for Autism Research on pediatric and adolescent neurobiological disorders.


Compassionate Death Notification Program

This project produced the first comprehensive online training and treatment program designed to provide a compassionate notification practice and address the needs of both survivors and death notifiers.


Rare Disease

The Althea Foundation is funding research into one of the most rare skin diseases, Hailey-Hailey, at UCSF. The Althea Foundation hopes that understanding Hailey-Hailey's genetic structure may lead to discoveries for other diseases.


Bridge Rail Foundation

Every year 20 or more families are devastated by suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge remains the number one suicide destination location in the world.


Main Street

Main Street’s mission is to create economic opportunity by empowering entrepreneurs. Through innovative partnerships they provide small business owners with capital, education, and relationships that allow them to flourish.


Working Chance

Working Chance was set up in 2007 to assist women offenders in making the transition into the world of work and employment.


Creativity Explored

This initiative seeks to celebrate the importance of art in the lives of people with developmental disabilities and to promote the talent and creative capacity in which these artists contribute to our understanding of people of all abilities.


After Innocence

More than 1,700 people in the U.S. have been exonerated and released from prison after having demonstrated that they were convicted and served time for crimes that they did not commit. These “exonerates” emerge traumatized, broke, and usually without job skills or housing.


Robert Davies Competition at Oxford Business School

The International Business Leaders Forum was the first non-profit global entity to focus on the role of business in society. Supported by corporations and multi-nationals, the International Business Leaders Forum was able to make a significant contribution to business leadership and to business practices over a period of 24 years.