Youth Career Initiative (YCI)


The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) is the International Tourism Partnership's solution to global youth unemployment. A six-month training program, YCI helps some of the world’s most vulnerable young people across five continents. The program boasts a twenty-year track record of success, and currently provides access to jobs to approximately 400 students every year, providing 700 hours of classroom-based and practical training to each student. YCI has been implemented in 15 countries, namely: Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, India, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Senegal, the United States and Vietnam.

Through its partnership model, YCI have galvanized some of the world's largest and most reputable hotel companies to offer training and employment to vulnerable young people.

Since 2011, YCI has worked with the U.S. Department of State’s Office to Combat and Monitor Trafficking in Persons to allocate student places to rehabilitated survivors of human trafficking. This project was implemented in Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mexico and Vietnam. By collaborating with YCI, partner hotels are able to act on the commitments they have made through the International Tourism Partnership's Position Statement on Human Trafficking.

In October 2015, YCI launched a video documenting this work, and the impact it has on YCI students and graduates. The short film features these remarkable young people and YCI partners who are not only instrumental in running the six month program on the ground, but provide dedicated support and mentoring to survivors of human trafficking who are integrated into the program.

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The Althea Foundation made direct grants to YCI and received donations from US-based donors and foundations interested in supporting YCI's work.

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