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Nearly 70 years ago, on 22 September 1948, a treaty was signed in the House of Commons in the presence of Senator Fulbright. The UK and the US were signing up to a new global program that promised a new beginning, alongside other visionary institutions (the World Bank, the IMF and the Marshall Fund) founded by the US in the aftermath of the Second World War.

The Fulbright Program was the idea of Senator J. William Fulbright, whose vision was of a peaceful and prosperous world. His chosen vehicle was a competitive global academic exchange program.

The program has changed and evolved over the years. At its heart is the continuing belief that those who spend time immersed in another culture will have a profoundly different and deeper understanding of the world, make lasting friends and return home a more rounded and empathetic global citizen.

Every year the US-UK Fulbright Program is threatened by cuts to government grants. To keep the program vibrant and relevant, it needs unrestricted funding to support its mission for the next 70 years. The goal is to raise a $10m endowment to secure the future of the core program—the student awards—to allow more young people at a pivotal point in their careers to have the transformational experience of a Fulbright award.

Please help us ensure 70 more years of extraordinary scholarship is possible.

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The Fulbright Program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship.
— Senator J. William Fulbright

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The Althea Foundation provided funding in 2015-2017 to establish the Fulbright US-UK Foundation in the States, which raises awareness for the US-UK Fulbright Program and makes it easier for US donors to support the work of the US-UK Fulbright Commission. The Althea Foundation currently provides funding for operational cost to maintain The Fulbright US-UK Foundation. Learn more at Fulbright US-UK Foundation.

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Contributions from U.S. resident donors can be made to the Fulbright US UK Foundation, (EIN 81-3956729) a public charity described in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) via PayPal: paypal.me/FulbrightUSUKFoundat.

You may also mail a check to: The Fulbright US UK Foundation, 3701 Sacramento Street #436, San Francisco, CA 94118.

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