Founders4Schools is a multi-award winning Gov-Tech charity operating in the educational sector, dedicated to improving the life chances and employability of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We do that by providing technologies connecting youth to leaders of successful, growing businesses across corporate, creative and social enterprise parts of the job market.

We aim to improve individuals, systems and communities by developing and delivering youth-led and youth-focused services that promote education as well as social and professional integration. Founders4Schools makes it easy for students to meet with decision makers in their local community at school or in work environments. In doing so, these young people gather employability skills, understand the world of work and improve their life chances having made informed decisions about their future. Through our insight reports and thought-leadership work, we translate these interactions into tangible data which we use, together with the outcomes of our programs, to connect young people with decision-makers to influence more youth-and-data-driven policies.

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Founders4Schools and their digital matching service offer our young people precisely the right opportunities. We really need to forge far greater links between business and education. It’s mutually beneficial and fundamental to our economic future and this takes one more step in the right direction. The successful rollout of Founders4Schools across Scotland proves in itself the benefit these services bring to young people, and the future economy of the country.
— Sir Tom Hunter, Chairman of The Hunter Foundation

Make a Donation for this Work

The Althea Foundation makes direct grants to Founders4Schools through donations received from US-based donors and other foundations interested in supporting Founders4Schools’ work.

Any donation received would allow Founders4Schools to deepen the interconnections with partners so that their efforts are seamlessly coordinated within the ecosystem and to expand into other geographies.