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Imperial alumnus receives prestigious scholarship to research in United States

Amin Karamlou, a recent graduate from the Department of Computing has received the Fulbright Elsevier Data Analytics Award to enable him to research at the University of Texas at Austin on one of the most well-regarded and impactful scholarship programs in the world. As a participant, Amin has been selected to research open problems in theoretical computer science. One of his goals during the visit is to work on the area of quantum complexity theory, with hopes of identifying problems that quantum computers can solve more efficiently than the classical computers we use today…

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Simpson Group encourages the North East's next generation of talent to consider a different career path

Simpson Group, a UK leader in large format printing, FSDU printing and point of sale displays, is on a mission to introduce students to the opportunities in the print industry. The firm’s development director, Sarah Tishler speaks to students about the skills they should be developing to be work ready, and the ten skills highlighted in the UK STEM program.  Simpson Group works with Founders4Shools, who make it easy for teachers to use its digital platform to invite businesses leaders into schools and share insight reports to highlight the companies contributing the most in their area…

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Autistica's Discovery Network

Autism research is slow and expensive. And there’s no guarantee that it will produce anything useful. But it’s the only long-term potential solution to solving autism.

Autistica’s Discover is a virtual online network, the first network for interested parties to learn about or take part in research studies and surveys.  The volunteer group is designed for those on the autistic spectrum themselves and their families and caretakers, and for non-profit organizations such as care providers and special schools…

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Travel and Tourism: Time to end human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children

Representatives of the travel and tourism industry are meeting at the UN in Geneva today to discuss the global action needed to end human trafficking, forced labor and the sexual exploitation of children within the sector.

Co-organized by ECPAT and the International Tourism Partnership, the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights, will be the first time the sector has gathered to discuss possible solutions to these shared challenges before a United Nations audience.

The rapid expansion in international travel has brought with it challenges to human rights, with the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children increasing alongside the industry’s expansion. No country is immune to this ever-growing risk. However, the industry is also in a unique position to identify the most vulnerable – and to prevent these breaches of human rights.

The International Tourism Partnership creates practical tools and programs that help the hotel industry as a whole move further and faster than they can working individually to protect human rights. For example, we’ve united our membership around support for ITP’s Principles on Forced Labour...

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Prenatal exposure to air pollution increases autism risk in children

A new study says children prenatally exposed to air pollution have a high risk of developing autism spectrum disorder. Many experts think the air pollution has a minimal effect on whether a child develops autism. One researcher pointed to another potential cause that the study neglected to consider.

"This study does not provide evidence that air pollution causes autism." Said James Cusack, director of science at U.K.-based Autistica. However, the study's lead author thinks his work has helped to narrow down the list for potential causes…

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Oxford Internet Institute Professor of philosophy and ethics of information appointed to board of Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

Luciano Floridi, professor of philosophy and ethics of information at Oxford University and director of the Digital Ethics Lab, Oxford Internet Institute (OII), has been named a board member of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, a new organization within the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The Centre arose from a need for good governance, which will play a key role in making sure we have an environment which supports ethical innovation and will position the UK as a world leader in the development of AI. Its first projects will explore the use of data in shaping people’s online experiences, and it will “investigate the potential for bias in decisions made using algorithms”.

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Facebook Thwarted Chaos on Election Day. It’s Hardly Clear That Will Last.

Facebook and other social media companies have made strides since the 2016 election in screening for and eliminating misinformation.  But the recent election cycle exposed how fragile the social media platforms remain. For Facebook, it takes an ad hoc “war room” with dozens of staff members working round-the-clock shifts. It takes hordes of journalists and fact checkers willing to police the platform for false news stories and hoaxes so that they can be contained before spreading to millions. It takes constant vigilance from law enforcement agencies, academic researchers and digital security experts for months on end.

Facebook was generally responsive to these problems after they were publicly called out. But the platform’s scale means that even people who work there are often in the dark.

A recent study by the Oxford Internet Institute, a department at the University of Oxford, found that 25 percent of all election-related content shared on Facebook and Twitter during the midterm election season could be classified as “junk news.”

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Imperial innovators are “changing the face of science and technology”

The Imperial College London WEInnovate Program produces innovators that are tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. MIT Technology Review publishes an annual list of the “35 European Innovators under 35”. The list recognizes those whose work has the potential to “shape the coming decades” and solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

This year’s list includes Imperial College London graduates Christina Friis Blach Petersen, founder of light-sensing wearable developers Lys Technologies, and Henrik Hagemann, founder of White City based industrial wastewater treatment system CustoMem.

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Is there a Correlation Between Kid's Screen Time and Their Mental Health?

Are young people who spend seven hours or more a day on screens more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety as those who use screens for an hour a day? A new study published in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports suggests there may be a correlation.  However, not everyone agrees. “The authors appear to have cherry picked outcome measures in terms of what results they could find that are statistically significant,” says Andrew Przybylski, an associate professor and director of research at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford in the UK.

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