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Caesars Entertainment Commits to Ending Human Trafficking

Ceasars Entertainment has joined a consortium of hospitality leaders in the International Tourism Partnership (ITP), which provides a platform for companies to share best practices to end human trafficking.

They are the first global gaming-entertainment company to sign the EPACT Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct, a joint venture of the tourism and hospitality sectors and ECPACT-USA that establishes a framework for companies to provide training, enact a value chain and educate, support and collaborate with stakeholders in an ongoing effort to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Ceasars conducts in-depth training  at 12 resorts in Nevada and North Carolina with security employees who are trained to identify potential indicators of human trafficking. Human trafficking, which includes commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor, is a complex issue and a particular challenge for the hospitality industry as it often intersects with organized crime activities including arms or drug sales and cybercrime…

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Travel and Tourism: Time to end human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children

Representatives of the travel and tourism industry are meeting at the UN in Geneva today to discuss the global action needed to end human trafficking, forced labor and the sexual exploitation of children within the sector.

Co-organized by ECPAT and the International Tourism Partnership, the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights, will be the first time the sector has gathered to discuss possible solutions to these shared challenges before a United Nations audience.

The rapid expansion in international travel has brought with it challenges to human rights, with the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children increasing alongside the industry’s expansion. No country is immune to this ever-growing risk. However, the industry is also in a unique position to identify the most vulnerable – and to prevent these breaches of human rights.

The International Tourism Partnership creates practical tools and programs that help the hotel industry as a whole move further and faster than they can working individually to protect human rights. For example, we’ve united our membership around support for ITP’s Principles on Forced Labour...

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